Joann Fuller


Joann Fuller attended Indian River Community College and The University of Phoenix where she earned her Bachelors in Business Management. That education lead her to a successful career at Hill’s Pet Nutrition where she’s been for 26 ½ years! While she’s held six different roles with Hill’s, she’s currently the Brand Engagement Manager, US Marketing. In that role, Joann leads Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program, which supports over 800 animal shelters in the US on a full time basis, providing science-led nutrition to feed all the pets in their care and to go home with adopters.  She also leads Hill’s Disaster Relief Network, a direct extension of the shelter program, which donates pet food to shelters, veterinary clinics, governmental organizations and other large non-profits caring for pets impacted by disaster.

Joann has always loved pets and animals of all kinds and as a child she had a goal of becoming a veterinarian. Although her career goals changed, she feels fortunate to work for a company that allows her to give back to pets and pet families that need it most. While she thinks it is one small way to support the bond between pets and people, Wayside thinks her devotion and passion are a HUGE support! She remembers the pets that have been part of her life and the amazing qualities they’ve contributed: they’ve been wonderful companions, providing a source of joy, laughter and unconditional love. She works with and supports Wayside because it is a premier local animal non-profit with a strategic mindset that not only provides support to pets and people in our local communities, but extends its reach to positively impact the lives of pets and pet families across the United States. She’s excited to Co-Chair this year’s Fur Ball with her partner, Forrest Cook, and she says her inspiration comes from the hundreds of animal welfare organizations she works with every day. She specifically is inspired by the dedicated staff and volunteers at those animal welfare organizations who give their hearts to support pets and people in need.

A Lewisburg, PA native, Joann has lived in Kansas City twice due to her career. First was between 2010 and 2012. She returned in 2014 to the present. She currently lives in Olathe, KS.